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LTI administers language assessments to hundreds of thousands of candidates every year, and is one of the largest and most respected foreign language proficiency test providers in the world. We offer the highest level of client service as well as convenient online test scheduling and reporting over secure client networks.

Oral Proficiency in the Workplace

We work with corporate clients to test prospective candidates and current employees for language proficiency and to help assess what level of proficiency is needed for different roles. Click here to better understand the levels of oral proficiency in the workplace.

Testing Standards

Based on ACTFL’s rigorous test development research, standards, and best practices our testing program and ratings have become a standard measure of language proficiency in the U.S for the past thirty years. LTI provides valid and reliable reading, writing, speaking, and listening tests for our corporate clients in over 60 countries and 120 languages.

Setting a Passing Score

    Establishing an appropriate proficiency minimum for a position requiring specific language skills is an important phase when setting up an assessment program. If a minimum standard is set too low, the organization risks customer dissatisfaction and inefficient operations. If the standard is set too high, the applicant pool is narrowed causing qualified applicants to be unfairly excluded.


    Task Analysis

    TLI, with a group of Industrial-Organizational psychologists, developed a formal LTI Task Analysis process to assist in establishing minimum proficiency levels for language-specific positions. This process of closely examining the communication tasks of a bilingual position and selecting an appropriate proficiency level is an invaluable opportunity for human resources and operations managers to become familiar with language proficiency and the description of various levels, and gain a sense of "ownership" in the assessment program. Learn more.

Why ACTFL Assessments?


About LTI

    Since 1992, Language Testing International (LTI), a Samsung company, has been a leader in language proficiency testing for more than 120 languages globally. We are the exclusive licensee of ACTFL assessments. LTI certifications are recognized by corporations around the globe as a reliable measure of your ability to effectively communicate in a target language.